The first major requirement before even starting to write that product description is to determine the market to which the description aims to target. If addressed to the entire world, there is a great possibility that it won’t end up being that impressive. Thus, the process should start with the determination of that ideal potential customer whose chances of buying your respective product or availing the service that your provide is greater than the rest of the world populace.


After the determination of that ideal person, the writer must aim at tapping into the personality of the person. Create a virtual persona of that ideal person and determine the likes and dislikes. The vocabulary for the conversation must be selected with the utmost care as each single word has the potential of making or unmaking the thing that you want to achieve. Consider the description as having a conversation with that potential customer. Do not write what you would not say to the ideal buyer face to face.

Being Direct

Another major requirement is to keep the description short and straightforward. The product that you are trying to market might have a ton of benefits, but the ideal buyer might be actually interested in just a handful of the same. The important features must not be lost within the multitude of features listed about the product. When that potential customer starts reading the description, he will be disinterested at max within a few seconds, if he is unable to find that particular feature that he desires. What must be stated are the features that make the product distinct from other products of a similar category and the other most important features that the potential buyer finds of use.

Features and Benefits

The features of the product that must be highlighted are the ones that set the product apart from its competition. When launching a newer product, it is advisable to state the method to make it functional. The operations must be stated in a simple enough manner to persuade the potential buyers, that it is easily operable. The benefits of the products must be mentioned alongside the features. The individual benefits that the buyers can derive from the individual features must be mentioned. The primary goal of a product description is to help the buyer overcome the sense of guilt attached with buying a new product. When the benefits derived from the product outweigh the economic price of the product, the above can be achieved. Provide a justification to the potential customer that each cent spend on the product will be worth it and you score a buyer. The same can be achieved by making the buyer understand that it is a better and unique product compared to its competitors and the buyer is availing it at a bargain price, which is too good to be true.


Like a fiction, the description must help the buyer imagine. The buyer must imagine how easy his life would be if he purchases the said products. He must be able to actively imagine the benefits that he might realize when he actually uses the product in real life.


Lastly, not every web-content, even when interesting is always read. Most are scanned by most of the populace to grasp the most important content in the least available time. Thus, it is always advisable to highlight the most important parts of the description, and that can be achieved by headings and sub-headings and other creative ways which is only limited by the imagination of the writer writing the description.