Email newsletters has a huge purpose to solve. Sending valuable email newsletters tend to drive more traffic towards business, bring better marketing investment and encourage customers for referrals. A quality newsletter has more personal touch compared to any social media platform.

Email as a medium is really popular and cost effective way of dealing with marketing needs. For making your email newsletter really effective, you should avoid committing the following mistakes:

Here’s some common email newsletter writing mistakes:

1. Missing or broken links

Giving links to services provided by your business and your social media platforms is an amazing way to drive more concentrated traffic and attention towards the company. However, mistakes like stating the customers to click on a link where the link is not present can be really frustrating for the subscribers. In addition to this, a broken link can also create a massive negative effect like missing links. Hence, it is advisable to male double check on links to ensure they reach the desired location.

2. Grammatical mistakes

A grammatical mistake within your newsletter would tend to look really unprofessional. Be it small or huge grammatical error, it is still capable to destroy your well constructed newsletter. Whenever you create a newsletter, make sure to do ample amount of proofread for identifying any kind of simple typo or grammar error before it is actually published.

3. Usage of pix-elated images

Professionals from newsletter writing services suggest that the image used within the newsletter may not look the same in terms of quality and size in the subscribers inbox. There are many email marketing services which allow to preview the newsletter before you actually send it and it is good to send it to yourself to see the quality of image. You can open the newsletter on different browser to see its quality.

4. Forgetting mobile

Everyone in this era owns a smartphone which makes it very convenient to check the emails easily. This is the reason that optimizing the newsletter for mobile users is essential for both desktop and mobile versions. Subscribers tend to refer email spam which can’t be viewed on phones and they may also tend to unsubscribe.

5. Ignoring the social media

It is always better to add icons included in newsletter that links to the company social media channel so that you can gain new likes and follows. Using these icons make it easier for the subscribers to get the official page of the business rather doing any web search for the same. Make sure that your social media buttons within the newsletter is working properly and linking the correct site otherwise, this may create a massive negative effect on the subscribers.

6. Boring subject line

A subject line has a huge potential to make your newsletter successful or unsuccessful. Subject line is the first thing shown on a inbox of the subscribers, hence, it should be really compelling to make people open it. It tells the subscribers about what should be expected from the newsletter, hence, make sure to make it enticing.

These were six mistakes which are often committed in newsletter writing which should be complete avoided for better outcomes.