Case studies are regarded as one of the finest, subtle but very powerful marketing tool as well as a content piece which is capable to generate business sale. They are also an exceptional source for creating a trust and credibility quotient for the brand in the mind of the customers. Case studies can also be put to use for better targeting the audience. Not only this, public relation sector can also get help from case study.

There are so many reason that case studies are useful however, most of them fail to create their mark. Professional case study writers suggest that case studies often fail as they are made boring or does not own any valuable information that buyers may need.

Here’s we list five commonly committed mistakes in case study writing:

1. You are not telling a good story

Storytelling is different from that of testimonials. Case studies should be written in third person to add more credibility. A case study should encompass factors like

  • conflict/challenge
  • climax/ solution
  • resolution/ result

All these three together creates a definitive flow of information to make the case study understandable and believable as well. When clients read your case study, they should be able to connect with it rather than only reading about company’s glory.

2. No details are provided within the case study

It is important to mention what was the role of your business and what work it did in the case study business. You should also use various kinds of graphs, pie charts or other visual images which can highlight the benefit. Giving details like these will help potential clients easily visualize measurable results for their own business to replicate.

3. The audiences are not addressed appropriately

While writing case studies, it is highly important to select one audience and then address their need. If you cater multiple type of clients, it is important tailor each case study as per persona of the audience to make it highly targeted.

While you write case study, give focus on the details of the persona that your brand should care about and address their needs and concerns.

4. Your case study lacks focus

At times case study writers go on length to talk about all the aspects of the brand which they are working. Case study writing services suggest that when a case study is done without keeping a focus, it will tend to confuse the readers and make your content less important.

Like focusing on one persona, choose an angle that highlights the best for your company. Even the company can solve numerous problems, you should consider picking the two strongest ones and emphasize on them.

The angels that you may consider to choose:

  • Cost
  • Time
  • Energy
  • Efficiency
  • Customer service

5. You don’t have customers quotes

You can tell a significant story by your case study but if you does not have a quote from the client in the case study, your story will make no sense of humanity. It is also important that you interview real customers and never create a makeup or a lie for creating your case study.

The quotes generated by marketing team may not be look artificial to customers but definitely look flat as compared to real words of the customers. Quote your customers in their own words as it has a huge impact in creating a significance.

Avoiding these mistakes can make your case study excel.